How to freeze my Rails application?, Why I Should freeze my Rails application?

Ruby on Rails allows you to “freeze” the version of Rails used by your application.

1. Following command will freeze your application to the version of Rails that is currently on server:

rake rails:freeze:gems

This command will copy the Rails files to the “vendor/rails” directory of the application. When the Rails application the it will first check for the presence of “vendor/rails” directory. If it exists, Rails will load the Rails components from the directory instead of using the main server copy of Rails.


rake rails:unfreeze

Freezing to a different version

This command freezes the application to Rails 2.2.2:

rake rails:freeze:edge RELEASE=2.2.2

Following command freezes Rails to the current development version of your application:

rake rails:freeze:edge

To Find the Rails version of your application using use this command:


After updating Rails version update your configuration file “config/boot.rb”:

rake rails:update


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